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Mansfield Outdoor Facuet Questions

I just ordered a rebuild on my Mansfield Series 500 faucet. I ordered the stem, anti-siphon valve and the faucet handle. I am very happy with everything, but the handle. The bolt that came with the handle does not fit the stem you sent me. It is too big. I was able to use a bolt that I have around the house but it does not tighten down.


The screw is a triangle shape. what it does is cuts its own threads. what you need to do is maybe get a socket or a nut driver and apply pressure so it can cut the new threads.



I have a Mansfield  outdoor faucet that's original with my home.  The home is 23 years old.  My faucet doesn't leak at all when not under pressure, however when I hook up a hose and it gets under pressure it starts leaking quite a bit from the handle.  I went to a local plumbing shop to replace the valve stem and they said they didn't carry this type because it was an "old style."   I believe I have a 400 series. I have the vacuum breaker, but my packing nut loosens to the left and is grey in color.  It's 12" in length.  I would think it's probably a worn washer, but I'm not sure.  I'm wondering if I should get the washer kit or the valve stem or both. 

You need a 630-7755 or a new stem to replace to o-ring. This kit will rebuild th whole stem. Below is a link to the 630-7755.