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Mansfield Questions

Need your help. I have four Toilet Tanks units Mansfield # 160 on My house and I need to order Flush Valve seals.Can you please let me know what part #,  I should be using so I can order. Thank you in advance for your help.

Here is a link to the part you need. The Part Number is 630-0030.



I need to replace 3 Flush valve seals on toilets that were installed in 2005.  I have bought several flat seals that do not work.  The flush valve seals appear to be slightly cone shaped and not flat like on  your website and available locally.


What Happens is over time the seals get worn out. The seals are a cone shape beacause the flush valve has been sitting on it for a long time. The seals are suppose to be flat, and installed in the top grove of the flush valve. Below is a link to the new seals you need!



   We have replaced the flush valve part# MAN-211-1112 on our Mansfield 160 mpp and are still having problems with it being very hard to flush. It keeps breaking the Trip Lever because of this problem. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problems?


Make sure the black part of the flush valve is not sitting over the red seal. Then make sure that the red seal is in the top groove and turns loosely like a steering wheel. 


I have a Mansfield 160 and the handle is on the front left.  It has a solid chrome lever like the Mansfield 69 Chrome Trip Lever which looks like a side mount handle.  Is the solid chrome lever available for my toilet also. 

The MAN-40CH is the correct lever for the 160. Below is a link to the Mansfield 160 page.



I need a new flush valve for my mansfield toliet #160. I can only find replacement #210. Will this work?

No. The 210-1112 will not work on the 160. The 160 takes the 211-1112 flush valve.



My husband is trying to fix the flush valve, our model is the Mansfield #48,  We just replaced the fill valve and the push button trip lever.  It's part 212-1034.  My husband is not sure how to take this part out to replace.  Do you have instructions?

First remove the old flush valve, then scrape away any silicon caulk. Let the tank dry all the way, then put a beed of silicon caulk the size of a pencil around the upper corner of the hole. Then set the new flush valve in the caulk and press it in and turn it slightly. allow caulk to dry. Drying may very, you will need to Read on the caulk tube to see how long it should take.