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Mansfield Toilet Parts Tank Number 119

Mansfield 125 White Tank Lid

Mansfield 125 Lid Fits Tank Numbers 153, 119, 123, 125
Mansfield 50 Chrome Trip Lever

Mansfield 50 trip lever in chrome.
Mansfield Elongated Toilet Seat
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Genuine Elongated Plastic Mansfield Toilet Seat SB200
Mansfield Pair Of Bolt Caps
Mansfield Pair Of Bolt Caps

Pair of snap mount bolt caps with base select color
Mansfield Round Toilet Seat
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Genuine Round Plastic Mansfield Toilet Seat SB100
Mansfield Tank To Bowl Seal With Bolts
Mansfield Tank To Bowl Seal With Bolts
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Mansfield Tank To Bowl Seal with Mansfield's new style bolts with a rubber head. This innovation makes it easier to install and remove the tank from the bowl. 630-0004. Mansfield's tank to bowl seal is made of a harder rubber than other seal and is specially designed to work with Mansfield toilets. First you place the tank to bowl seal over the nut on the bottom of the flush valve then place the 3 rubber top bolts through the tank. Then carefully place the tank on the bowl lining up the 3 bolts with the 3 holes in the bowl. Finger tighten the 3 nuts on the bottom of the bowl. Use a level to make sure the tank is level. Once the tank is level and all 3 bolts are hand tight use a wrench to tighten them one turn at a time on each bolt so the tank stays level. be careful to not over tighten the bolts because you could break the tank.
Fluidmaster Flush'n Sparkle Self Cleaning Kit
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Fluidmaster Flush'n Sparkle Self-Cleaning Kit. This kit puts the cleaning solution directly into the overflow tube of the flush valve. No chemicals ever touch the parts inside your toilet. This kit is a great replacement for Drop-in tablets. Chemicals in drop-tablets deteriorate rubber parts inside the tank. These parts can include the flapper and other rubber parts. Using drop-in tablets over time can have costly repair and parts cost. This kit provides a cleaning solution with out having the costly repairs that come with the drop-in tablets. This kit includes a blue cleaning cartridge, or you can choose in the pull down for the Bleach Cleaning cartridge. Cartridges can last up to 3 months.
Flush'n Sparkle Replacement Cartridge
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Fluidmaster Flush'n Sparkle Self-Cleaning Cartridges. Fluidmaster makes three different cartridges for the Flush'n sparkle Cleaning Kit. They make a Blue Cartridge, Bleach Cartridge, And a Septic Tank Cartridge. The Blue Cartridge is a replacement for the old drop-in tablets. This cartridge cleans with every flush, and helps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. The Bleach cartridge is environmentally friendly and cleans with every flush. The Septic Tank Cartridge is to help maintain your septic tank. This cartridge also provides BioBalance, which helps reduce drain field clogging while also cleaning your toilet bowl. Each Pack of comes with two cartridges. Each cartridge can last up to three months.